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Gee, did somebody get the number of the bus that hit me? I feel pretty lousy today so I plan to stay in bed, take pain meds and veg out with the TV. Tomorrow I start physiotherapy and I’m so glad that I didn’t arrange it for today and had the presence of mind to give myself one day to just recover.

The operation went well and for the most part uneventful except for that when I was in recovery I had a few irregular heartbeats and started having chest pain. So they didn’t release me when we anticipated they would but kept me longer to run some tests.

Lise was very concerned when things were taking longer than expected. She kept asking how I was and no one would tell her until she finally had to put her foot down and say, “That is my WIFE in there and I deserve to know how she is!”

Meanwhile I was stopping the nurses begging them to send someone to tell my WIFE how I was doing. After the third time, one nurse asked me if my wife’s name was Lise and when I said yes she said that she would go personally to speak with her – and did so immediately.

Later Lise and I couldn’t help but think that if Lise was a guy they would have assumed that s/he was my boyfriend/husband and we wouldn’t have had to be so insistent. Shucks, and people wonder why same-sex marriage is so important.