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The chill of the wind in the Northhumberland Straight is on my face. The gentle warmth of the sun is burning through the misty morning and as I smile at the cormorants bobbing on the buoys, I think about another recently visited body of water and what I have learned about the forces that power the Bay of Fundy tides.

It’s the moon you know that pulls on the earth’s ocean waters causing the going in and the going out of the tides. And while that twice-daily event occurs on all tidal waters, in the Bay of Fundy there is another force at play. They call it resonance and, as it’s been explained to me, it is the property of physics that says that as water is squeezed into a tightened space, the water will rise. It has no where to go but up.

For me, at this point in my life, I find this encouraging. In these last nine months I have seen everything I have worked for and everything I thought I could count on swept from me in thunderous waves of betrayal and pain. All that remains is me – the water – being squeezed and compressed resonating in hopeful anticipation and unshakable faith.

As I move ever forward, leaving what was once familiar behind, I take comfort in knowing that from here, the only place to go is up!