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Well today I’m having surgery on my shoulder. I’ve had a “frozen shoulder” for just over a year now and they found a couple of small cysts on my humerus so the doc’s gonna go in with a scope and clean things out. I’ve got the week off work but will be spending my afternoons at physiotherapy getting my shoulder and my back worked on. It’ll be nice to be able to sit without having my legs go numb. Funny how you hit a certain age and the wheels just sort of fall off the cart. With the way things have been going lately I’ve asked for a visit from the Rainbow Pastor. I’ll be nice to visit over a cup of tea and discuss the meaning of life.

I’ve been awake for the last few hours wondering what the heck I’m gonna wear for this surgery. I imagine that my left arm will be all bandaged up so I’m not sure how I’ll get a blouse on. I suppose I could bring an oversized t-shirt but I wonder if I’ll be able to lift my arm enough to put the darned thing on. I suppose wearing a bra is out too. I’ve got an old sleeveless tank top around here somewhere so I suppose I’ll just wear that and let the “girls” swing free. Sometimes vanity has to give way to practicality. (sigh)

The installation of my new roof starts today as well so I suppose you could say I’m getting two procedures done. (big grin) I’ll be pretty groggy later today and if they take my wireless antenna down today to work on that part of the roof, I won’t be blogging for a few days. So I’m checking in now to give you all a heads up that if you don’t hear from me for the next couple of days, that’s why.

When I’m back in typing form I have a lot of photos of Ottawa to share. I’d also like to tell you a bit of my mom’s story. She’s quite the woman. Lotsa stuff going on in my pointed little head, just got to find the time/energy to get it all out. So long for now…