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Today Lise and I planned on visiting the Fujisawa Zen Gardens so I could play around with my camera. I got up, put on a pot of coffee and grabbed my laptop so I could sit outside and surf but when I looked out the patio door, this is what I saw:

Yep, that’s rain. The local farmers will be happy about the rain but I’m not. It’s raining so I can’t sit outside, sip coffee and write. Bummer. Bigger bummer is that I have a terminally diseased roof so rain is not my friend right now.

Anyhow, back to this picture. This patio is where (weather permitting) I sit and write my blog. I live at the dead end of a dirt road and just beyond those trees is the beach. You can’t actually see the lake in the summer because of the trees but you can hear it and the waves lull me to sleep at night.

This is the front of my house. Where the patio doors are is the original cottage. The part to the right is the addition. Even from this picture you can see how bad the roof is. (sigh) On top of the roof you can see my TV and wireless internet antenna, what you can’t see is that I also have a satellite dish. We can’t get cable TV, DSL or cable internet out here so without these gizmos I’d be stuck with snow-static, ghost filled TV images of the PBS station from across the lake in Ohio and dial-up internet. Cripes, I’d rather chew tin foil. So that explains why the roof line of my house looks like I’m the Mother Ship.

Lise and I wanted to get out of the house and do something outside today. With the rain it looks like we’ll have to come up with a “plan B.