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Feeling rather nostalgic these days. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here and I’m sitting on the patio enjoying the sound of the doves and drinking my coffee. This is a weekend morning ritual for me but many years ago my Saturday morning ritual was a bowl of Sugar Pops and cartoons.

We only got three or four TV stations then and we couldn’t afford a color TV until 1969 but as soon as our chores were done, we’d plop ourselves in front of the box until noon. We’d skedaddle out of the house as soon as the cartoons were done because we knew that if we stuck around, mom would find more chores for us to do. So if the weather was nice, for the rest of the day we ran like terrors throughout the neighbourhood with my brother’s Daisy air rifle. If it rained we’d spend the day in the garage playing school or Mass. Yeah, we took turns being the priest and used soda crackers for the host.

Anyway, here’s a few cartoons I watched as a child:

Magilla Gorilla

Roger Ramjet

Yogi Bear