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I’ve become a snap-happy shutter bug and I totally blame this on my friend Glenda. She’s such a bad influence on me. First she gets Lise and I hooked on birdwatching and now she gets me infected with the shutterbug flu.

All I can say is thank heavens for digital cameras and gigabyte memory cards!

I’ve never really learned how to take photos but I’m trying to figure things out. The camera I have has a big dial with lots of settings and stuff so I’ve been playing with all the shiny buttons.

Here’s a few of my latest pics.

These were taken at Colchester Beach and Harbour:

Last weekend while visiting family in Woodstock I took a morning walk to Pittock Park and took these:

I thought I’d get real artsy fartsy and try to capture a spider web in the rain:

Then some logs piled up at the side of the house:

Here’s a couple shots of a vineyard that’s just up the road from me. I live on a wine route so there’s four wineries right on the county road I live off of.

Finally, back home to a setting sun looking towards the mouth of the Detroit River: