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Ok, I’ve tried really hard to spare you all and not to come here and keep blubbering on about my new grand daughter but…

The other day I picked up the kids to take them to get their Welcome Wagon New Baby kit. On the way back we stopped in to see my hairdresser. Her daughter had a baby too a few weeks ago and I wanted to see her grand daughter and, of course, show off mine.

After we had left and were driving back to the kid’s place my son turned to me and said, “That was a cute kid.” I agreed their baby was adorable. Then Matt said, with all the earnestness of a 23 year old new dad, “Ya know mom, I think I’m pretty sure about this but I think our baby is even more beautiful.” I smiled then I thought about this photo:

Eve had fallen asleep while I was feeding her. Milk had pooled in the dimple around her perfect little cupid’s bow and as she passed gas, she smiled. Yeah, my son is right. There is no baby as beautiful as our baby.