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There is absolutely no way I could ever get away with committing a major crime.

A couple of months ago I cut my long hair. I now have a rather stylish bob that is much easier to maintain. My hair has always been thick – I used to joke that I had hair enough for three more people – but now that I’m older, I’ve noticed that I only have hair enough for one other person. Ok, well maybe two if the second one is a Marine.

The other thing I have noticed is that I lose a lot of hair when I wash it. I used to think that was because my hair was so long but now that my hair is short, I’m still losing fistfuls of hair at each washing. Today, after hoping out of the shower I stooped to pick up the clumps of hair in the shower stall and realized that my hair is everywhere.

Tufts of hair roll like dust bunnies under the furniture and in the corners of rooms. While folding laundry I find strands of my hair entwined in the threads of socks and sweaters. Brown, spiral tresses cling to the back of the sofa and the collars of coats.

A blind, deaf and dumb CSI agent could find forensic evidence of my existence. Good thing I don’t have any homicidal tendencies – I’d get locked up for sure.