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Well, it looks like Canada has made a deal with the US on the ongoing softwood lumber dispute. We’re going to get $4 billion of the $5 billion they illegally took from us. I don’t trust them and I don’t trust our current government to do well by us. It looks like I’m not alone in my concerns.

Opposition parties want to review this “deal” before it is inked. I don’t blame them for their concern. From what I understand of the agreement, either party can ‘opt out’ by just giving 12 month’s notice and it says that all current litigation on this issue is stopped. We’ve already gone to the courts five times and won this dispute. Despite this, the US has refused to honour its obligations under the Free Trade Agreement. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time trusting anyone who doesn’t keep their word.

Here’s a little primer on the softwood lumber issue: