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I have two children. Here they are when they were children.

They are grown now and have their own lives. This is good and is as it should be. Children need to separate from their parents and find their own way in life. My logical mind agrees but in my heart (where I’ve heard it said we just don’t know better), they will remain closer to me than my own skin.

I could become maudlin and weave a tale of a mother’s love but what many have described as, the “Mr. Spock” in me, will not allow it. Instead I will refer to a National Public Radio piece I heard this morning titled, Babies’ Cells Linger.

Scientists have discovered that fetal cells remain in the mother’s body for decades after the birth of their children. They have yet to determine if these cells harm or help protect the mother.

I know this is not scientific, but I think those cells remain so that no matter where life takes them, I will carry them with me always.