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Two years ago at the Boat Show in Mount Clemens, Michigan I met my dreamboat. Of all the sail boats I saw that day only the Rhodes was the one I felt I would be confident handling by myself. The design is well thought out and makes the most efficient use of space but what impressed me most was the boat builder’s philosophy – they were the only company represented at the show who will sell you a recycled Rhodes with a new boat guarantee. Really, you have to read everything at their site to appreciate this boat and how this company does business.

I blame my brother-in-law’s partner for getting me infected with the sailing bug. After a few sails on his Grampian he said that if I passed the Power Squadron’s boating course he’d let me use his boat. (See photo of me at the helm of his boat)

It didn’t take me long to enroll in the Boating Course with the Windsor Power & Sail Squadron. The Boating Course is a 14 week course that not only teaches you everything you need to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operators Card but teaches you the essentials of plotting and navigation that will get you back to the marina safely. After successfully completing this course I was invited to help teach this course to the next group of students. So I spent another 14 weeks assisting the Squadron’s past Commander teaching the new group of students. Truth be told, I think I learned even more by assistant teaching.

The second course I took through the Windsor Power & Sail Squadron was the VHF course where I earned my Restricted Operator Certificate (R.O.C. Maritime). I later went on to help teach this course as well.

At the end of this season my brother-in-law’s partner sold his boat so next season, if I want to sail on anything larger that my dinghy (see photo of the Good Ship Cauliflower), I’ll have to find another vessel on which to crew.