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Woke up this morning and there was no water in the house. My room mate mentioned that the valve to the downstairs bathroom toilet had been shut off so after testing all of the other taps in the house (kitchen etc.) we turned on the valve to that toilet and wouldn’t you know, the water water was restored!

Having no water in a house with 4 women who all need to shower and make themselves up is a recipe for disaster.

When our hostess came in this morning I had to tell her in my miserable, broken Spanish about the problem. She speaks very little English but she speaks Spanish slowly enough that even I can get the gist of what she’s saying (except when she is talking about her sons and then her obvious pride causes her speech to quicken).

I tell ya, knowing French really helps especially when I am reading something in Spanish. I find that if I can see the Spanish words as someone is saying them, I understand better.

Our hostess lives next door and from what I have been able to understand, her family uses this house to host students who come to the local language school and each year, the students to my program. One of her sons is in an exchange program and is studying in France. In 2 months she will host a French student. She was telling us about a Chinese woman who came to stay here for a month then would return to China for a month and did this several times. Our hostess has had guests from all over the world!

Today is the second day of class. Yesterday was pretty intense and I have a feeling that it gets more so as we go on. I didn’t bring my camera yesterday but plan to do so today because the school and the house where we have our class “comida” which is what they call the big meal of the day, is incredibly beautiful.

After class today I’d like to take a walk around the city – I hear that downtown is just a 30 minute walk from here. I have a bus map but can’t find our house on that map so I’m going to ask someone to mark it for me so I can orient myself.

Well, breakfast is ready and I can hear the other gals are up and about. Time to get some coffee!! Hasta luego!